Bully breeds many times get a bad wrap. You simply need to have an understanding of the breed, be able to read their body language and communicate with them. We never discriminate against any breed, we simply follow the same “keep them separate and safe” protocol.


When moving a cat alone or as a group, it’s important to keep in mind that they need much more space than a dog their size. They need room to stretch out, eat, drink and keep all this away from the litter box. Cats that know each other generally prefer to be crated together for familiarity.


If your pups haven’t been vaccinated. Special care must be taken to properly sanitize the kennel, and no contact with other animals should be allowed. If your transporter doesn’t have the patience for hourly kennel cleanings, make sure they never let little ones out to potty at common dog potty areas.


If you own a bird you’re already familiar with the basics. Make sure you choose a transporter with the knowledge and experience to keep your bird calm, cool and covered while traveling. Temperatures in a vehicle can swing wildly when traveling cross country.

Do you guarantee door to door travel times?

Can you also ship large food bags, boxes of toys etc?

What about food, water, exercise and potty breaks?

Does my dog need his own kennel?

What is ride share and private transport?


Frequently asked questions July 10, 2019