Once the trip is complete and your pet has arrived home, there may be behaviors your not used to seeing. Some are to be expected.
Dogs usually display these completely normal behaviors when they arrive home.

Drinking and eating a lot.
This is not because your pet was denied water or food during their trip. It is mostly a reaction to a new place and the dogs basic instinct to “get it while the gettin’s good” so to speak.
Once they realize they are home and their water and food sources are safe and abundant, everything will go back to normal.

Licking and cleaning.
They are doing what you do too. Washing off the trip and the smells they picked up along the way.

Sleeping more than usual.
They are simply catching up. Keep in mind that they have been traveling with strange animals and people.
The new sights and sounds generally keep them pretty excited and wanting to see whats happening.
So much like you after a vacation, they need their beauty sleep.

Behaving irritably
Again, this is simple grumpiness and needing to catch up on rest.

We do our very best to make your pets travels as comfy and safe feeling as possible, but they still know somethings up.
Even the most traveled pets out there know that “their person” is not there with them, so we try our best to fill that void.

Getting Home July 10, 2019