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Pet Travel Protection Plan

An insurance policy for your pet as they travel with us.

Pet travel insurance and peace of mind

The Pet Travel Protection Plan in a nutshell

There are a lot of concerns that come with handing your fur babies off to a stranger.
And one of the biggest concerns is “what if something should happen?”.

If you’ve been researching pet transport services online, you’ve seen the nightmare stories.
Pets being lost, abandoned, left in the middle of the country at vet or fire station, and it can make you crazy. 
So we want you to breathe easy while your furry family member is in our care.
That’s why we have the PawPaws Express pet travel protection plan. 

From the time we pick up your pet, to the time we hand off.
You’ll be constantly updated with pictures, videos, location or even live chat if you prefer.
you’ll be provided with your pets caretaker cell number, so you can reach out anytime.
You’ll never wonder about where your pet is or how they’re doing.

PLUS, you and your pet are covered should anything happen while in our care.
Out pet travel protection plan covers emergency vet bills up to $15,000 per pet / $30,000 per incident
And up to $1,000,000 / $2,000,000 in general liability.
And our plan is backed by Lloyds of London, a very well known and respected underwriter.

Throughout all the years and thousands of dog, cat and other pet transports, we’ve never had to enact this policy.
This is because we’re extremely careful with your pet and our reputation.
But still. Here it is, in black and white for your protection and peace of mind. 

We want your experience to be comfortable, and you to be confident that your babies are in good hands.
There is no safer pet transportation provider in the world than Pawpaws Express.
I promise, your pet will be in very capable and caring hands.


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Pet travel protection plan
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