Due to COVID-19, we’ve seen unprecedented cancellations. Most airlines have slowed or stopped pet transport, the situation is quickly evolving and travel options change rapidly.

Once airlines start accepting pets again, it is expected that there will be increased screenings and additional quarantines depending upon the destination.

We recommend planning future travel very early, as some government offices may be closed.

We’re fully updated, prepared, and ready to safely handle your pets relocation.

At PawPaws Express we’ve been transporting pets by ground and by air since 2014 across our great nation and around the world.
We gladly walk you through obtaining any documentation and paperwork needed for domestic or international travel.

We go beyond the basics to make sure that your pet relocation goes as smooth and hassle free as possible.

For pets that can not fly due to airline restrictions, such as breed (very large dog breed, aggressive or snub nose), weather or temperatures. We have a very experienced and proven ground transport
team to complete the journey on the ground, or get you pet to an airport in another region to complete the journey.

Don’t panic if you haven’t found an airline that will accept your pet. Keep in mind that we as a Known Professional Shipping Company have access to options that most people don’t, and most aren’t even aware of.

We customize your pets relocation to you and your pet, every pet transport is different and requires special attention and planning.

We truly respect our military and first responders. We offer a minimum 10% discount for our American heroes.

PawPaws Express has vast experience transporting by ground in extreme temperatures. From the brutal summer heat of Death Valley, Texas, and the Southwest.
To the most frigid of temps and icy weather in the country.

We are always well equipped and prepared to face most any weather conditions or emergency situations.

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A quick note for those (and you know who you are) looking for a cheap bulk shipper.
We take the emotional and physical health of pets in our care very seriously. No Shortcuts, No Exceptions.