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Pet Transport to Hawaii

We provide a fast thorough quote for getting your pet safely transported to Hawaii from anywhere in the American mainland.

Moving pets to Hawaii requires knowledge of strict entry requirements that if aren't handled properly, can land your little one in an expensive and lengthy quarantine situation or simply have them denied entry.

There are several options when it comes to flying pets to Hawaii.

Our Hawaii experts can ensure a smooth and stress free relocation process.


Our flight Nannies have on seat options for pets up to 45 lbs. 


Entry Requirements for pet transport to Hawaii

Hawaii allows pets from certain countries to enter without quarantine, provided they meet specific health and documentation requirements. This includes microchipping, rabies vaccination (very specific protocol), OIE-FAVN Blood Test (30 days prior to arrival), and a health certificate. Adhering to these regulations is crucial for a smooth entry process.

Pet Transports to Hawaii

Temperature Restrictions for Flying Pets to Hawaii

Once local temps at your origin airport or Hololulu reach 85 degrees, pet transports are halted for safety and liability reasons. Spring and Autumn are generally the best times for traveling to Hawaii with your pets.

Pet move temperature restrictions UK pawpaws

Dog and Cat breeds banned in Hawaii

The regulation of animal breeds and species that are permitted to enter Hawaii is under Plant Quarantine Branch jurisdiction and administrative rules. Non-domestic dogs and cats and hybrids such as wolf, wolf cross, Dingo, Bengal, Savannah, etc. are prohibited under Plant Quarantine (PQ) law. – per Hawaii.gov.

Pet breeds that are banned in Hawaii

How can PawPaws Express assist in shipping my pet to Hawaii?

PawPaws Express provides a comprehensive list of services that encompass travel itineraries, booking, ticketing, travel to and from the airport, health certificate assistance, customs clearance, and ensuring your pet’s safety and comfort throughout the journey.

pet relocation health certificates

Pet Health Certifictate Services for moving Pets to Hawaii

We offer comprehensive health certificate support services to assist you in meeting the necessary requirements for international pet travel.  We collaborate with USDA-certified veterinarians to conduct thorough health examinations and vaccinations, ensuring that all paperwork is accurately completed and submitted on time.

Pet travel health certificate assistance pawpaws

At Pawpaws Express, we go the extra mile to ensure a smooth and hassle-free experience when it comes to moving pets to Hawaii.

We have a deep knowledge of the documentation process which can be complex and time-consuming. You’ll have our step-by-step assistance throughout your experience.

Our dedicated team works closely with your veterinarian to gather all the documentation required for your pet’s transport into Hawaii.

We carefully review and prepare the required paperwork, ensuring it meets the stringent Hawaii import requirements.

Rest assured, we leave no stone unturned while making sure that your pet’s journey goes off without a hiccup.

Once the documentation is complete, we provide you with a copy for your records, giving you peace of mind knowing that everything is in order.

But our job doesn’t stop there – we take the extra step to verify that the documentation has been accepted by the USDA, preventing potential delays or issues that could arise during the process.

We understand the importance of a seamless pet transport experience, and our exceptional service is second to none in the industry.

PawPaws Express
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