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Military Pet Relocation Services

Pet transportation for military PCS anywhere in the world.

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As a former service member, and someone who has always had the utmost respect for our fighting men and women. I give you my personal guarantee that your family pets will receive nothing less than absolute top notch care and attention.

You can reach out to me personally anytime.

Chris Collins – VP Operations
Army – E5 – Medic

Military permanent change of station pet relocation

We understand that you have free options through the military for your pets relocation.
We also understand that most people don’t want their pets in the belly of  a C-130 being transported like a HMMVV. 

So we make every effort to make this as stress free, affordable and convenient as possible.
While giving your pet the absolute best care possible as we get them to your new home.

We offer discounted military rates for our services, and we group duty station moves when possible for deeper discounts.
We also work to secure further discounts through major airlines for active PCS moves.
This requires copies of the orders, and it must be with in a certain timeframe before or after the move date.

If you need help with early pick up so you can pack, we can handle that.
We can also assist you with vet visits, boarding and pre move care if needed.

We make sure you have all the required vaccinations and certificates for a smooth transition to your new duty station.  

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