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Pet Transport By Ground

Pet transport by ground is one of the most dangerously under-regulated services in America. Scam artists and imposters are running rampant across social media with stolen pictures and hijacked profiles.

The bottom line, it's always a gamble putting the safety and mental well-being of your most at-risk family members into the hands of an unknown person.

This is why we protect our solid reputation at all costs. This includes of course the same level of commitment to your pet and your experience.

We have millions of miles under our belt, safely providing pet transport services and moving pets by ground across America since 2014 without a single loss, illness or injury. And with nothing less than five-star Google reviews.

Private Ground Pet Transport

We are by all metrics, an executive level private ground pet transport.
We cater only to one pet, family or pack per vehicle / caretaker at a time.
This ensures that we are focused on your pet or pack and ONLY your pet or pack.
The only exception being a private group charter.

Private pet transport across America.

Is my pet ever left alone?

Barring restroom breaks, paying for fuel etc. Our caretakers are with your pet at all times.
Our vans are even outfitted with a sleeping area for the driver / caretaker, who sleeps in the vehicle with your pet if a safe and clean pet friendly hotel room isn’t available. 
If a room is available, your pet stays inside with us and generally has free run of the place.

Pets in hotel rooms

Will my dog need a kennel for travel?

Yes, due to our commercial pet carrier insurance and USDA rules, your dog needs to travel in a kennel. If theres an injury from any evasive actions to avoid a collision, or somehow your pet should escape during driver exit or entry, our insurance would not pay.

Airline approved travel kennel for dogs.

Long Distance Moves

In most cases we only transport long distance, simply because aren’t running a route around the country like UPS which does put us in the higher price range of most pet relocation companies. Generally we’re transporting to the airport for our international customers, or relocating a pet for clients moving cross country.

Pet transport by ground.

Pet Health Certifictate Services

We offer comprehensive health certificate support services to assist you in meeting the necessary requirements for international pet travel.  We collaborate with USDA-certified veterinarians to conduct thorough health examinations and vaccinations, ensuring that all paperwork is accurately completed and submitted on time.

Pet travel health certificate assistance pawpaws

Potty and exercise breaks

On average, we stop every four hours or so for refueling, exercise and potty breaks.
This is when we can facetime if you prefer, or we generally send a video or pictures with a location update and a report on how your dog is handling the trip so far.

Pet transport potty break
PawPaws Express
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