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Pet Health Certificates

When traveling internationally with your pet, obtaining a pet health certificate is a crucial step to ensure compliance with the destination country’s entry requirements and to certify that your pet is fit for travel.

Our experienced team works closely with veterinarians to ensure that all necessary health checks are documented accurately. We also stay updated on the specific health requirements of various countries to ensure that your pet’s health certificate meets all the necessary criteria. allowing for a smooth and hassle-free international journey. 

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Pawpaws Express LLC. is not a veterinarian and does not provide veterinary services. We are a USDA / VEHCS registered user. The same system accredited vets use to prepare and submit health certificates in the U.S. We work in partnership with Vets and Pet Owner to ensure proper preparation of international travel documents. Requested documentcpoies must be received in a timely manner to meet crucial shipping dates. If you already have copies of the vaccine certificates, please scan and email to [email protected].

We will make every effort to obtain copies of required documents from your Vets office. However, inability to obtain documents quickly can interupt flight shedudules.

Pets must travel with original rabies certificates unless specifically stated. Vet charges for health exams, vaccines, treatments and tests required for travel aren't included with our document service and are shippers responsibility.

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