Here’s a quick run down of frequently asked questions we get about dog transports or pet relocation in general.
We understand that every situation is unique and you may need more information.
No problem, just give us a call or shoot us an email.

Do you guarantee arrival time for ground transports?

Each ground transport has a scheduled delivery date, we initially shoot for A.M. or P.M. on that day.
As we get closer, generally the day before. We can narrow that down to a four hour window.
On delivery day, we communicate often as we near the delivery point.
There’s always the chance of weather or traffic delays, but they are rare.

What can I send along with my dog?

Generally we ask you only send enough food for the trip, and a comfort item inside the kennel, like a shirt, toy or blanket.
For private direct transports, we have carried larger boxes of pet related items along with the pet.

What about exercise, potty and food breaks?

On average we stop approximately every four hours for a potty break, a little play time and leg stretching.
This is also when we give a snack or meal and offer water.

Do I need to provide my own kennel?

We have transport kennels for most any situation, they are fully cleaned and sanitized between trips.
If you would like to send along your dogs kennel we can accommodate that in most cases.

What size kennel will I need?

When we transport a cat or groups of cats, there needs to be enough room to lay down comfortably.
If a cat transport is longer than 12 hours, there also has to be room for a litter box.
This is also covered on our cat transport page HERE

For a dog transport, there needs to be enough room to lay down comfortably and turn around.
When your dog is flying, there are airline and federal guidelines that must be followed.
We cover those HERE.

Do you administer medications?

We can handle the administration of most medications and injections if needed.
These need to be addressed in the initial phases of discussion, so please be sure to ask.

How much does a pet transport cost?

Every pet transport varies in price due to individual circumstances.
We don’t have a standard rate in place, because there is no such thing as a standard transport.
We’ll gladly provide you with a quick, a non-committal quote when you reach out.
We have a simple contact form HERE

Why do I have to pay in advance?

We charge in advance to be sure all of our expenses are covered.
We only accept credit / debit cards, or Paypal – Paypal goods and services only.
These types of payment protect you and Pawpaws against fraud.
Anyone requesting these types of payment are clearly fraudsters and you have zero protection.

What if I have to cancel

If you need to cancel, and we understand it happens sometimes, our policy is as follows.
Beyond 10 days out – 100% refund
Within 10 days of scheduled pick up – 75% refund
Within 48 hours of scheduled pick up – 50% refund
Within 24 hours of scheduled pickup – 25% refund
On day of scheduled pickup – no refund

Please keep in mind that we have to make arrangements and create schedules around your trip.
If this changes, we incur costs associated with that change.

Why is there a “potty clause” in your contract?

We are a USDA certified pet transport company.
And USDA rules state that animals are to remain in their kennel throughout the transport.
This was done because some less than attentive transporters have lost pets during potty breaks in the past. NOT PAWPAWS BY THE WAY.
Now, as you can imagine, this could be a very nasty situation on multi day trips.
So we have the clause / release in your contract so that we can take your dog out for potty and exercise breaks, and that you understand the risk in doing so.

Can I ride along with my pet?

Sorry, no.
We only allow pets and a few items to be transported.
We can’t legally transport people, nor are we insured to do so.

If you have other questions regarding the transport of your pet, please feel free to reach out anytime.
We want to be sure that, even if you don’t use our services, your pet arrives safely to its destination.

Pet Transport frequently Asked Questions February 12, 2021